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Using multiple RS232 isolation channels

Question asked by Hemant on May 17, 2012
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We were considering the use of ADM3251E for multiple channel RS232 isolation, in which we may use upto 9 chips (A future products may use 17 channels). But I find that use of 9 x ADM3251E would need more than 1A supply current which is not acceptable. I am also worried about the EMI issue if there are so many isolation chips on a single PCB. Can you suggest a way to achieve this by using lesser current? The overall cost of the solution should not exceed the cost of the ADM3251E based solution. I was considering ADM3252E which appears to be more efficient, but I found the cost to be on the higher side at $ 8.49 compared to $ 2.99 for ADM3251 even if I were to use the ADM3252 for 2 channels.  Please suggest a way out. Also please let me know the EMI related precautions that we may have to take in handling so many isolated channels.