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Compilation speed issues when using floating licences

Question asked by RobF on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2012 by DavidS

We have a small network of computers using VDSP++. Some of the machines have node-locked licences and some use floating licences from a server. We have found that using the floating licences is significantly slower when compiling projects than the node-locked licenced machines. The speed difference has become very fustrating for the floating licence users as the floating licences seem to be about 3-times slower when compiling (our current project takes around 2 minutes using a node locked licence, but 5-6 minutes using a floating licence!).


I know that this is not a machine problem as I have tried switching a node-locked machine to a floating licence and the issue is introduced. I have also tried reconfiguring the network so that just the server and a floating licence machine are on it, with no improvement.


The issue seems to be that for each file in the project VDSP gets the licence from the server, aparently adding a significant overhead.


Could you give any suggestions to help improve the speed for compilation? Is there any way to configure VDSP or the licence server to get the licence at the start of the build process and use it through-out?


Thanks in advance.