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ADSP-21369 Internal Memory Space

Question asked by Sinalux on May 15, 2012
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I'm testing the write and read operations on internal memory of ADSP-21369 and there's someting i don't understand.

The internal memory availble addresses are (page 6 from ADSP-21369 Datasheet):

Block 0: 0x0009 8000 - 0x0009  DFFF

Block 1: 0x000B 8000 - 0x000B DFFF

Block 2: 0x000C 0000 - 0x000C 1FFF

Block 3: 0x000E 0000 - 0x000E 1FFF


So if i write or read something from address 0x00AB 8000, for example, what is expected to happen? Supposedly it doesn't exist.

I had write a little program that writes to a memory position and reads the data from that exact position and it works for the address i exampled before. I tryed with the address 0x000B E000 (the one after the end of block 1) and the read returns something different from what a tried to write, i as expected.


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