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ADV7604 queries

Question asked by Abhinay on May 15, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by PaulS

I have a few queries related to ADV7604:

  1. Can ADV7604 generate interrupts when HDMI/VGA is plugged in or plugged out?


2. Are there any registers in ADV7604 using which the host processor can know the input resolution? Also, can we read the horizontal blanking and other information needed to compute the pixel clock frequency?


3. If the source changes the resolution, can ADV7604 generate an interrupt to indicate this change?


4. The STDI registers refer to Channel 1 & 2. Which one to refer to know the standard? More details are needed.


5. In general, we want to understand the programming of this chip e.g. what needs to be configured after power on, then after HDMI/VGA source is connected .. etc