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ADIS16385: No checksum in SPI communication?

Question asked by vpradeep on May 14, 2012
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When communicating with the ADIS16385 over SPI, it looks like there is no checksum nor any other way to verify the reliability of the returned data.  Is this in fact the case, or have I overlooked something in the datasheet.  This seems to be the case for both standard mode and burst mode.


This may be related to a potential typo in the datasheet.  'Figure 13' shows 11 16-bit segments, whereas 'table 8' shows 8 values being transmitted.  1 DIN + 8 DOUT segments means there is 1 segment unaccounted for. Is this last segment a checksum?  When I try to read this 11th value, it is always zero, and I receive garbage when I start my next 11 segments.


Any advice would be appreciated!


Thank you.