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[Bug report] Crash when tuning flanger

Question asked by ggilles on May 14, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by BrettG


I am experiencing a crash that is reproductible on my system (SigmaStudio 3.6.2 on Windows XP).


Steps to reproduce:

  • Drop a "flanger" (from the ADI algorithms) on a configuration with a adau144x DSP.
  • Change the delay value to 1 ms
  • Change the LFO value to 1 Hz
  • Set the max delay value to 50
  • Try to change the Wet/Dry mix, => crash here!

The "unhandled exception" message will now appears until the application is closed.


Find attached a copy of the "details" provided by the runtime after the unhandled exception.


-- Gilles