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Visual DSP Project Dependencies Issue

Question asked by ThomasR on May 11, 2012
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I'm using the BF561 DSK and try to get a minimal build together to boot my own code from the flash on the DSK. I started off using the power-on-self-test unchanged except for the generation of a loader file instead of a .dxe executable. Using the flash programmer VDSP API that worked fine.

Then I tried to remove the shared memory module for layer 2 and 3 and the project for core B. Unfortunately even after removing the dependencies from those three projects from the main BF561_EZKIT_POST project and updating the dependencies the build fails because the libraries sml2.dlb, sml3.dlb and coreB.dlb are still present in the .mak file.

Where in the IDE can I find the entries of those libraries?


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Win7/ Visual DSP EZ-KIT LITE BF561 Rev2.3


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