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1080p video from ADV212 (difficulty joining images)

Question asked by JKimble on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 11, 2012 by DaveD

We're using a pair of ADV212 encoders to turn out a data stream we want to turn into a JPEG2000 (MJ2) video in 1080p. The pair of ADV212's are capturing a Y and CrCb frame of 1920x540 (top of a frame) followed by second capture of the bottom half. I'm combining the Y and CrCb frames successfully into a color image but I've not been able to stitch the upper and lower frames halves together. I'm able to get a 1920x1080 image but the lower half (second frame) is always completely muddled.


I worked with a few people that are a lot more familiar with the JPEG2000 standard than I am and the conclusion was that the problem I was having is due to the fact that the ADV212 always encodes the image as though it will be starting at 0,0 and this effects the encoding so that when I attempt to paste the lower image into the lower position (starts at 0, 540) the decoding is messed up.


I see no way to configure the ADV212 to handle this situation. Not even sure if we could, because we would have to change configuration on each capture, it would be practical for our situation.


Has anyone faced and solved this issue? Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Any help much appreciated!