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connecting the ADV7612-7511P eval board to external camera and changing video format

Question asked by on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 29, 2012 by mattp

I have the ADV7612-7511p eval board and different camera sensor evaluation platforms (video).

when I connect the camera sensor evaluation platform (each of them) directly to LCD i can see the streaming video on the screen, however when I connect the camera sensor evaluation platform to the ADV7612-7511p eval board (as its input) and the output to the LCD i do n ot get any streaming video on the screen. Sometimes I get a blue screen with indication of a worng resolution (the camera outputs 720p60 anf the screen recognize the output from the ADV7612-7511p eval board as 640x480).

Please advise how should I solve this issue

one more thing, i am quite sure that the camera output is YUV and I want to get an RGB on the output of the ADV7612-7511 eval board. please advise how would I do it