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Halt crashes VisualDSP with Update 10

Question asked by kenfred on May 9, 2012
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I recently updated my VisualDSP installation with Update 10.  Upon doing so, I often have VisualDSP crash when I attempt to halt a program.  At least 2 more of our engineers have experienced the same issue with Update 10.


I am running via the ADZS-HPUSB-ICE emulator over JTAG to a custom board.  I was using Update 9 with the same setup without issues.


Is this a known problem with Update 10?  If so, when can we expect a fix (Update 11)?  If not, how would you suggest I determine the cause?  I would assume the problem to be in the JTAG circuit, but it works for all other operations and behaved correctly with Update 9.


Any help would be appreciated.