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ADV7612 LLC pixel is not stable

Question asked by xtma on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by DaveD

Hi, expert

i have two question

1.  what is the different between ADV7611 Final Silicon and  ADV7612 Final Silicon

RD_INFO[15:0], IO, Address 0xEA[7:0]; Address 0xEB[7:0]

0x2041  ADV7611 Final Silicon

0x2051  ADV7612 Final Silicon


2. the LLC pixel clock is not stable when ADV7612  hdmirx in  ttltx out function in YCbCr 36bits mode.

our board description:

we are use ADI ADV7612 chip, the board is layout by ourself.

28.63636 MHz clock from clock generate is connect to XTALP, XTALN is left to unconnect

we use our self usb to i2c cable to read/write ADV7612. the cable is check in other project and stable.


our detail step:

1. connect hdmitx to ADV7612 port A, open the hdmitx to transmiter 720x480p@60 video color bar data.

(our hdmitx not care HPD, and EDID, will directly send video data use TMDS channel)


2. power on ADV712 board.

3. push reset button to reset ADV7612

4. configure other 7 i2c slave address following recommend setting

98 F4 80 ; CEC
98 F8 4C ; DPLL
98 F9 64 ; KSV
98 FA 6C ; EDID
98 FB 68 ; HDMI
98 FD 44 ; CP


5. check and dump the default value.(default+addr_cfg.txt)

5.1 the default value is right and can read/write

98  IO

80 ; CEC
68 ; HDMI
44 ; CP

5.2 the read back default value is not right but not all zero


5.3 the read back default value is zero, and can not write.

64 ; KSV

6. load ADI item "6-1d1" in ADV7612-VER.2.9c.txt


7. dump the configure after_load.txt

8. check the ttltx output from ADV7612

the LLC pad clock is about 13.5Mhz  but not stable.

video data pad: some pad has toggle

sometimes TMDS clock is detected on port A read back from register(TMDS_CLK_A_RAW, IO, Address 0x6A[4] )

TMDS clock is always not lock TMDSPLL_LCK_A_RAW, IO, Address 0x6A[6]


our dump files

1. default value  after reset and configure 7 i2c address:   default+addr_cfg.txt

2. load file item 6-1d1 and configure the crystal select register: 6-1d1.txt

3. dump file after load confiuger: after_load.txt