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bf533 booting through AMS0

Question asked by krishan@bf533 on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by krishan@bf533

I have designed bf533 dsp based custom card in which i have used AT49BV320 AS FLASH DEVICE. I have successfully loaded the  *.ldr file        Now driver is loaded and *.ldr file is successfully loaded in flash device.


Current problem is that when i boot the flash it is not giving correct

output . for this testing i monitored serial clock frequency in the two


1. programming through emulator and monitored the result, that gives the

corret transmit serial clock frequency.

2. Same program is loaded in flash and boot the flash the transmit clock

frequency not showing correct.


In my program i am taking continuous data to ppi port and send data

through sport1 to fpga.I have monitored Transmit serial clock .If i run

the program through emulator it shows correct serial clock(50 MHZ as per

defined transmit clock sport1_tclkdiv) .If the same program i have loaded

in flash and boot (boot the flash through AMS0 and boot mode 01)the flash

showing 20mhz .

And this value is consitent in many times power on -off the card.


Please suugest what would be the reason that in boot mode not giving

correct output.

And how to read flash content  in no boot mode.


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