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ADV7441A alternative?

Question asked by Walter on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by FrankK



The ADV7441A is in "Production" status, in this forum the ADV7842 is "Recommended for New Designs".


As far as the features are concerned, the ADV7441ABSTZ-5P fulfills all our requirements, none of the additional features of the ADV7842 seems important for our application. In contrast, the ADV7842 is not available as "Industrial Temperature" part, and it's I2C bus does not allow a second base address (we need two parts on the same bus). We also would prefer the LQFP package of the ADV7441A to the BGA package.


Is there a good reason why we should not design our board based on the ADV7441A?

Is there a time schedule when the ADV7441A will become Obsolete?


Thank you for your help,