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The clash of cache and flash

Question asked by ksweet on May 8, 2012

My Blackfin really likes running with data cache enabled (it's quite fast).  However, when I enable data cache, the asynch flash memory stops functioning fully.  Specifically, after writing the special sequence to erase a block, I'm not able to force Read cycles through the cache and onto the external memory buses.


I need my SDRAM to be cacheable, but none of the async memory should be cacheable.  My system has:


  • 1MB flash on async memory bank 0 (@ 0x20000000)
  • 1MB allocated to another peripheral on async memory bank 3 (@ 0x20300000 )
  • 32MB SDRAM (@ 0x00000000)


If I halt at runtime, DMEM_CONTROL = 0x0000 100F, which means DCPLBs are enabled.  I also have an entry in my DCPLB table


DCPLB_ADDR = 20300000

DCPLB_DATA = 0002001D


According to this, I would expect that the async memory bank 3 should not be cacheable, as the flag CPLB_L1_CHBL bit 12 = 0 .  However, at run time, I can tell that cache is being used because my data will update the first time and then stop updating, except a few 64-byte chunks here and there.  If I disable data cache, everything is stable again.  I am using MDMA to transfer data from async bank 3 to SDRAM, so I'm not sure if that's involved.  I see there is a silicon anomaly, but I am not using descriptors for MDMA so I don't think that's the problem.