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Something about SigmaStudio clipper, probe and others

Question asked by drugoimir on May 5, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2015 by MaxAudioDSP

Good morning,


i'm using an adau1701 evaluation kit from few days and i'm really impressed for its capabilities.

I got the kit three days ago and, starting from zero, i almost completed my job. Really nice!!


But, during development, i had some little "troubles" which i report:


The probe frequency axis cannot be set above 22KHz, while i'm using 192KHz sampling rate.


Regarding the clipper, i cannot get the hard clipper to work properly: i need a symmetrical

clipper, so i have to clip equally both the positive and negative level.

Well, i select to clip both edges, i put the two constants, the program which is running

on the 1701 is not updated when i change the clipper parameters, so i compile and download and

it seems that it always clips just one part of the wave or, even if i put identical

coefficients, eg. 0.5 and -0.5, it does an asymmetrical clip; the cubic clipper is ok but i cannot use it.


Using the dynamic compressor, is there a way to implement a "gating" function ?

In detail, i should freeze the release or setting it to a large  value so

the gain should not rise if the input signal falls below a certain threshold, this to

avoid amplifying noise.


Then, sometimes i cannot edit the parameters into the elements: i can select and drag  them,

but if i try to change something, the edit box doesn't allow writing and the pointer changes to

the "wiring" icon, but all ports are still connected.

I have to close the project, not the ide, and reload it again.


Last question, i'm using a fir filter "grew" to have two inputs and two outputs.

I was expecting to have just one coefficient table and two separated memory blocks

for the datas.

Instead, it seems that it has also two separated memory blocks for the coefficients

though they are identical.

I don't know if this would be possible, but if the "grown" filter could be implemented

using just one coefficients table and separated data buffers, there could be more

space in memory.


Many thanks for your support.