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About AD9984 application

Question asked by yanxin on May 6, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by GuenterL

Hi all:

Now I am designning a convetor-YPBPR/RGVHV  to SDI.  YPBPR to SDI is ok. YPBPR format include 480i/576i/720p50/60/1080i50/60/1080p50/60. Now I am debuging RGBHV to SDI. I met some problem(SDI serialzer can't do the color space convert).

No.1: To RGBHV(such as 1080i50/60), if it can output ODD/EVEN filed ID signal ? In fact, when I input RGBHV-1080i60, there has no ODD/EVEN field ID output ;

No.2: To RGBHV input, I don't know if AD9984 can convert RGB to YUV( color space convert). As I tested,   when I input RGBHV, there always has a green backgroud.  When I disconnect  RGB to AD9984, just connect H/V sync to AD9984, there has a green backgroud. As I kbow, this should be a black back groud in this condition,