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uclinux  how to use  platform_device  as udev

Question asked by fuhui on May 6, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by fuhui

root:/sys/bus/platform/devices> ls

alarmtimer       bfin-spi.0       bfin-wdt         physmap-flash.0

bfin dpmc.0      bfin-uart.0      dm9000

root:/sys/bus/platform/drivers> ls

alarmtimer     bfin-uart      dm9000

bfin-spi       bfin-wdt       physmap-flash


there are platform devices information of my board. but there aren't devices-notes in /dev direction .


so I want to know how to create the notes for dm9000 and bfin-uart ,and I can use those devices in user space.


Waiting for your help and thank you very much.