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Using ADuM4160 to eliminate USB ground noise from PC

Question asked by Anoop on May 5, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by Anoop


In my application which utilises a USB interface, it is seen the ground noise from PC when the USB cable is connected severely degrades the noise floor on my application board whenever the USB is connected. Would using the ADuM4160 provide a good solution to prevent this PC noise on USB ground coupling to my board ground, ie, achieve isolation between the two grounds?


Also, I am a bit confused regarding the connections on VBUS, and VDD for ADuM4160 on the host and peripheral side. What i understand is, VBUS from host USB should be connected to VBUS1. But for VDD1, do we just need to short VBUS1 to VDD1 or do we need a separate supply for VDD1?

similarly on the peripheral side, what should we do with the VDD2 pin? should we use a separate supply for VDD2, or is it internally generated from VDD1 itself?. please note Vbus=5V.