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ADV202 firmware question!Thanks!

Question asked by Damon on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by DaveD


     I have a question that confused me a long time.After I saw'Programming_Guide_ADV202_rev2_5.pdf ',I do not know what the 'firmware' contains.


    So I hope you can solve the follow questions for me ,thank you !

   1.What is the 'firmware' contains? Or what is difference between 'firmware' and 'Set Encode Parameters'?

   2.I found the 'firmware' is 32768B and uses the address from 0x00050000 to 0x00057FFF. Why not I setup these registers manually? Or you develop the firmware just for the engineers use ADV212 easier ?

    3.In the ' Programming_Guide_ADV202_rev2_5.pdf ' above I also saw the 'Set Encode Parameters' (JPEG2000 Parameters) is 240B and use the address from 0x00057F00 to 0x00057FF0. But  the 'firmware' ends with the address 0x00057FFF. Does the 'firmware' cover the address of 'Set Encode Parameters'?


any feedback would be useful.