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vertical stripes showing up from 7612's output

Question asked by on May 3, 2012
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Hello experts,


We are using 7850 to receive both CVBS and HDMI inputs, and convert them to HDMI, and then feed to 7612. In other words, we have two paths:

  • [1] CVBS -> 7850 --> 7612
  • [2] HDMI -->7850 --> 7612


However, we notice the that:

HDMI input does not have the vertical stripes on the captured images, while composite/tv-tuner inputs show the vertical stripes. (please see the enclosed image)


For the composite/tuner input, the output from ADV7850 seems good on TV.  The timing readings from 7612 are exactly the same between HDMI and composite input. 



Can anyone point to us why there is vertial strips?

What’s the path difference between these two?   

Any specific configurations we need to set on 7612?


Thank you in advace.