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How can I use the ETH in the BF609-ez-board-v0.1

Question asked by darren on May 3, 2012
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I have a headache about the bf609-ez-board ETH.  kindly help in resolving this issue

Before make the uclinux(the lastest 2011R1-RC3) project in the gcc, it is need to make menuconfig. But when select the vendors ,there isn't the bf609-ezkit choose. So I copy the config files from bf561-ezkit folder and modify . Then the menuconfig is OK.

But when I run the uclinux(the lastest 2011R1-RC3) on the bf609-ez-board-v0.1 . After run the ifconfig ,there is only a lo info not eth info. I think the eth' driver may not be set. 

The ETH chip is DP83848 in the bf609-ez-board-v0.1.  But in the Linux drivers folder , I cannot find the drivers for DP83848. So the problem is how can I get the drivers for DP83848, or which file can I solve this problem after modify it.