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DDC All-bypass real output ?

Question asked by Silhouette on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 4, 2012 by mcobb

There is insufficiant information in the AD6636 DDC datasheet to interrpret what output should be produced when all filter and NCO elements are set to "bypassed" mode. My goal is to see the RAW ADC input to this chip being passed through to the output port.

Setup: Observation of my data output from PORT A OUTPUT ( driven by a single activated channel) from a single portA INPUT ( set to "real input only" ) in fact produces output from BOTH INPUTS PORT A and PORT B. ( A input appears on "I" 16 bit word, while B input appears on "Q" word).


This is despite not 'allocating' Port B input to any DDC channel.


Is this correct behaviour? and If I do nothing else now expect turn on NCO with zero hertz, will the "B" real input still appear on the "Q" word output?


Thanks for any replies.