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adv7511 SPDIF @ 192kHz

Question asked by pmTx on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by cvaughn

I set the 7511 up for SPDIF once and most of the frequencies I inject with a test set  work fine and I  hear good audio tone. But, when I inject 176.4khz or  192Khz SPDIF I get a bad, noisy tone


I noticed the main register map offset (0x04) “SPDIF Sampling Frequency” moves around a lot when  injecting 176.4khz or 192Khz. The read values change every time on every read at those frequencies. The register reports correctly with good audio with injected SPDIF sample rates of 44.1,48,32,88.2 and 96.


The audio is on 1080p video so there shouldn’t be a problem with speed but the fact that my reads to that register offset (0x04) are moving around in values when I am at 176.4 and 192.0 makes me feel maybe something isn’t quite right in the 7511. Probably something I haven’t setup properly but I was wondering if you have any ideas.


I2c Writes to the adv7511 Registers:

Audio Mode:

0x0A 0x11


Spdif Enable:

0x0B 0x80


N-value writes:

0x01 0x0

0x02 0x60

0x03 0x00


0xc[7] = 1   // i2c select sampling freq.

MCLK is internal,

Question:   Is there an errata on this setup or am i missing a configuration setting?



Can you