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ADuC706x output low voltage 0.6V: Datasheet Typo?

Question asked by Erland on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by Erland

Revision D of the ADuC7060/7061 datasheet lists the maximum output low voltage (VOL) as 0.6V and the minimum input low voltage (VINL) as 0.4V.


I interpret this as a low level digital out could have a voltage of 0.6 volts, but only a voltage below 0.4V is guaranteed to be read as a low level. So a digital low level output of 0.6 volts connected to a digital input of the same CPU is not guaranteed to be read as a low level?


It seems strange to me that a digital output of the processor connected to a digital input is not guaranteed to work.


I see that for instance the ADuC 702x have a VOL of 0.4V. Could this be a typo in the ADuC706x data sheet?


Could someone confirm that this is the case, or clarify.


In practice, I want to use the SPI from the ADuC to interface with an OLED display which wants a maximum of 0.5 volts to be interpreted as a low level, and I'm now uncertain if this will work.


Thanks for any help!