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No audio data on the output of processor AD1953

Question asked by Radim on Apr 28, 2012
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I'm working on a project of a digital equalizer with processor AD1953. I designed my own hardware and tried to resuscitate the equipment, but there is no audio data on the outputs of AD1953, just a DC component. To be more specific a voltage 0,9 V occurs on pins VOUTL-, VOUTL+, VOUTR-, VOUTR+ and voltage 1,0 V on pins VOUTS-, VOUTS+. I measured clock rates on the corresponding pins and they seem to be right. On the MCLK0 pin there is a frequency about 12,24 MHz (256 * fS), on the BCLK pin 3,08 MHz (64 * fS) and on pin LRCLK there is frequency about 48,0 kHz (fS). Sample rate of audio is 48,0 kHz. Where could be a problem, if there is not any audio on the output?

Thank You for Your answer.