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ISP1760 problem on BF531

Question asked by wlecust06 on Apr 28, 2012
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by Aaronwu

Hello,I am using the ISP1760  on BF531 with the latest blackfin uclinux which released on .

But  I use the AMS2 to access ISP1760, I can get the right ID 0x11761 ,and the scratch test always success!

But when the usb core using SETPORT FEATURE ,PortPower to the internal hub of ISP1760,

The PORTSC1 register value alway be 0x20002000,it report that the PortOwner bit is set, and no device connected.

so  the usb core break . USB core  do not find the internal hub connected.

I wonder why?

Why the PortOwner is alway 1 ,this bit is should unconditonal goes to logic 0 when the  Configure flag in CONFIGFLAG register is from 0 to 1!

The driver have  set the Configure flag bit in the isp1760_run(), before usb core  SETPORT FEATURE ,PortPower to internal hub.

Can anybody give me an  advice ?