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VDSP 5.0.10 C compiler for SHARC crashes while type casting

Question asked by MisterB on Apr 27, 2012
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find attached some code for 3 targets Debug, DebugNoMisra and DebugCrashCompiler. Dependent on compiler settings the compilation compiles without error (Debug), compiles with (correct) error output (DebugNoMisra) and does not compile with a compiler exception (DebugCompilerCrash). The appropriate release versions behave the same.


The compiler exception is as following:


At end of source: : internal error: Uncaught exception Assertion failed raised

          at ../../../bril/brilgen.c:639 (during compilation of _main). Please

          submit a bug report with this message, the command line used, type

          of machine and the output of the compiler when you add -ED -v to the

          command line. Please also send us the pre-processed file that is

          generated by the -ED option (the file generated is named



1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of ".\vdsp5-0-10test.c".

Compilation aborted.

cc3089: fatal error: Compilation failed



I would say, this seems to be a compiler bug. Or do I something wrong?

This behaviour was only checked for the ADSP21469 processor but it might be also the same behaviour on other processors.


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