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/dev/video0 on BF561 ezkit

Question asked by sridhar on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by sridhar

Hello all,


I've got a problem with getting video to work on the BF561-ezkit.


Specifically, I'm trying to capture using the ADV7183 chip.


I've built the kernel from source using the info on

Once the kernel starts, I do:


root:/> modprobe i2c-gpio

i2c-gpio i2c-gpio.0: using pins 1 (SDA) and 0 (SCL)


root:/> modprobe videodev

Linux video capture interface: v2.00


root:/> modprobe adv7183


root:/> modprobe bfin_video_capture

ppi probe success

bfin_capture bfin_capture.0: v4l2 device registered

bfin_capture bfin_capture.0: video device registered as: video0

adv7183 0-0020: chip found @ 0x40 (i2c-gpio0)

bfin_capture bfin_capture.0: v4l2 sub device registered



If I do any kind of ffmpeg command, I get:


[video4linux2,v4l2 @ 0x1234ab0] ioctl(VIDIOC_G_PARM): Invalid argument

/dev/video0: Invalid argument


Even if I do something simple like


cat /dev/video0


I get


"cat: read error: Invalid argument"



Any ideas what's going on?


Details of my setup:


* Board: BF561 EZ kit with USB-LAN extender

* Kernel - 2011R1-RC3 (I have also tried trunk-svn-10658)

* Toolchain - 2011-RC4

* BF561 jumper settings:

        SW5: 1:off 2:on 3:on 4:on