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HPUSB-ICE emulator problems

Question asked by sander on Apr 25, 2012
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I have a HPUSB-ICE emulator connected to my custom board.

The board has an ADSP-21261 which is connected to an ad1974. The dsp configures the adc by a SPI interface and reads the sample data via SPORT. The ad1974 is Sport-master. The adc clock is generated by the ADSP pcg.

The adsp sport interface reads the data and puts it into a buffer using DMA. When the DMA transfer has completed, an interrupt is generated. The irq handler then processes the data and toggles a led to indicate irq_handler entry.

The main program is a for(;;);  loop.


I have tested this program and it runs fine in standalone mode.

But when I want to debug the program and connect the Emulator it crashes very often.


The emulator is installed correctly.

The JTAG ICE test passes on various frequencies.

The debugger connects to the target and is able to download the program.

When I run the program it seems that no DMA interrupt is generated.


The weird thing is that sometimes when I run the program it runs just fine and DMA interrupts are generated and I'm able to plot the adc input data.

This often needs a power reset of the target board and the emulator and VDSP.


Can someone tell me why jtag debugging is so unstable?