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Console login garbage (though console should be disabled)

Question asked by reggyperrin on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by Aaronwu

Hi folks,


Strange question:  Our device is:

  • Using 2010R5 kernel
  • Keyboard which uses the standard adp_5588.c driver from the kernel. 
  • Serial console is disable via u-boot


We're using a full GUI app attached to the /dev/input/event0 output from the adp_5588 driver.  There is no interaction between our GUI and the linux console.


However, we are seeing things like this in our logs:


Apr  2 08:28:21 kernel: [161000.980000] adp5588_keys 0-0034: Event Overflow Error
Apr  2 08:28:42 login[19002]: Authentication attempt failed for ,.,,. ,.,.. , ,[1~[1~ from unknown because: Invalid Username


which makes no sense to me.  I have other examples where this appears to include full strings from our application from earlier time periods (i.e. the day before). 


I had thought this might be a keyboard overflow (due to the Event Overflow error), but the day-old data submitted to login was hours after that data was used rules that out.


Has anybody seen anything like this before?