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IC U6 of AD9548 EvalBoard getting heated up

Question asked by ramsundar on Apr 24, 2012
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I am using two of AD9548 evaluation board Rev (E) - 9548CE01E for my testing purpose and an Processor board for interfacing through SPI.

In one of my EVM (EVM1) I can notice IC U6 (only) getting heated up to the extent that it is untouchable even for a second,  immediately after giving power through adapter (P14). This doesn't happen with the other board (EVM2). Functionality wise both are working fine, tested through GUI. But the processor board used to interface with EVM1 suddenly stopped generating SPI clock (data pins are toggling, so software issue can be ruled out). Could there be any issue with the 3.3V supply drawn from the IC which affected SPI clock pin of my Processor board.

Other basic diagnostics like visual check  for proper soldering, continuity, etc are done.