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AD9889B: wrong solution

Question asked by Thinh65 on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by cvaughn

i'm try to implementing configure AD9889B with solution 1920x1080 (parameter following the programming guide) with Embedded sync clock = 148.5 Mhz. what's wrong my configuration ? my screen display the format is not support.

oc_i2c_master_write( 0x15, 0x00);//0x00

oc_i2c_master_write(, 0x45, param_45);//0x00


oc_i2c_master_write( 0x16, param_16);//0x30

oc_i2c_master_write( 0x30,0x6e);

oc_i2c_master_write( 0x31,0x02);

oc_i2c_master_write( 0x32,0x80);



oc_i2c_master_write(0x35, 0x40);

oc_i2c_master_write( 0x36,0xd9);

oc_i2c_master_write( 0x37,0x0a);

oc_i2c_master_write( 0x38,0x00);

oc_i2c_master_write( 0x39, 0x2d);

oc_i2c_master_write(0x3a, 0x00);

oc_i2c_master_write(0x17,param_17); enable DE.