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Maximizing number of audio input channels on SHARC adsp-2148x

Question asked by mrk2726 on Apr 24, 2012
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I have a basic concept question.  I am looking to perform audio processing on a sensor array consisting of 256 microphones.  I need to get the data from all 256 microphones into memory at a rate faster than the microphone sampling.  Currently, I am planning on using MEMs microphones with I2S output (ADMP441) to connect with the SPORTs of a SHARC adsp-2148x processor.  I have some flexibility in regards to sampling rate, which will be dependent on how fast data can be read into the SHARC (I expect the microphone sampling rate to be in the range of 20-48kHz with samples of 16 or 24 bits).  For this many channels, I expect to use time division multiplexing (namely packed I2S mode), however the datasheet says the channel limit is 128.  I am new to SHARC and chose it for its audio capabilities, but is there a better general solution for this many channels?

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