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ADAU1361 I2C read/write issue

Question asked by bhupesh.bharde on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by JeradL



I am using ADAU1316 in one of out designs, the slave address is being set to "3a".

I2C clock rate is 100KHz

when i read the register R0(0x4000) i get 0x"0000" and when i read register R1(0x4002 to 0x4007) i get following data

0x4002 ==> 0x007D (default value is 0x00FD)

0x4004 ==> 0x0000(default value is 0x00C0)

0x4006 ==> 0x0000( default value is 0x1000)


why i am getting wrong default values?


I am giving 27MHz to MCLK pin.


I am also folling the sequence given is data sheet to lock the PLL, but i always get value 0 in register R1 even after writing into it.


Is i am missing some thing for control register to set/work properly?