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H.264 Motion Vector

Question asked by Skid on Apr 23, 2012



Can someone point me in the right direction, atm I'm streaming the content of the motion vector out to a java program and am displaying red blocks when the macroblocks SAD value is 0xFFFFFF, which I'm assuming means there was no similarity between the frames.


My issue is I can't work out the order in which the macroblocks are stored in relation to the image, I'm assuming since macroblocks are 16x16 pixels in size that there are 45x36 macroblocks in my PAL image. But if I put something infront of my camera on the top of the bottom I don't get the blocks I'm expecting to light up, I get sets of blocks on the bottom but they are split out all over the bottom.


So if someone can point me in the right direct I would appreciate it.


Kind Regards,

Nathan Skidmore