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With regards ADAU1442

Question asked by wallman16 on Apr 23, 2012
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Hi ,


Could you please let me know know can we convert Leftjustified 16 bit audio data to IIS 16 bit Auto using the following setting .


Input Data Serial Input setting
fs = 22.05kHz Master/Slave = Slave
BCLK = 32fs BCLK = Negative
LSB Justified 16bit LRCLK = Negative
Master WordLength = 16bit

LeftJustified(Delayed by 0)
Output Data Serial Output setting
fs = 48kHz Master/Slave = Master
BCLK = 64fs BCLK = Negative
I2S 16bit LRCLK = Negative

WordLength = 16bit

I2S(Delayed by 1)


Thanking you

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