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AD7766, ADG1606

Question asked by jsafaie on Apr 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by MClifford

Dear sir

I want to use AD7766 to convert 16ch. (maybe 32) analogue input to digital.

First question:

To do that, I need an analogue MUX, concerning to noise and leakage current,  ADG1606 is a good choice or no ? if no, can you propose an analogue MUX for 24bit resolution data convector ?

Second question:

If I want to use sync pin of AD7766 when the incoming channel is changed, I should wait relatively long time (594clk) to pass the Settling time, this reduces my overall sampling frequency dramatically. So I thought maybe I can put it on free-running mode for example with 128ksamples/sec, then I can read the first ch. Data in falling edge of DRDY, than I can change the ch. In MUX, then I should refuse one falling edge of DRDY (because of changing the ch.), and next falling edge will provide the correct data, finally it means that I will have 64Ksamples/sec. is it possible with AD7766 ? Thanks a lot.