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MultiCast Sender using VDK + audio codec = error

Question asked by mojari on Apr 20, 2012
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I am working on getting the codec to work in VDK.






I have used the example "AudioCodec" from the drivers folder in ADSP-BF518 folder and ported it to VDK. But when I run the code I get the error:




ADI SSM2603 as Master device in USB Mode


Audio Loopback example with MIC input as record source


Set SW2: 1(ON), 2(ON)


Set SW5: 1(OFF), 2(OFF), 3(ON), 4(OFF), 5(ON), 6(ON)


Set SW15: 1(ON), 2(ON), 3(ON), 4(ON), 5(ON), 6(ON), 7(ON)


Set SW22: 1(OFF), 2(OFF), 3(OFF), 4(OFF), 5(OFF), 6(OFF)


Set SW23: 1(OFF), 2(OFF), 3(OFF), 4(OFF), 5(OFF), 6(OFF)


Failed to hook exception handler, Error Code: 0x00050009


adi_dcb_Open failed, Error Code: 0x00020002


Program terminated abnormally with error code: 0x00020002




How I will make this code workable.I am sending you the code for your reference.










If I run the example audio_loopback without VDK everything works just fine.But I am not getting the echo sound in this example also.I am not able to hear on speaker what I am speaking on Mic.What I understand audio_loopback means If I will speak any thing on Mic then Same thing I will hear on Speaker .


But I am not hearing the same mice input . How will I make it .How will I remove loop back.










I want to simulate this scenario:


Write Now two thread are running and sending the data on UDP socket .When any data is coming on Call Back function SSM2603Callback in Audio_Loopback.c I am writing the data on UDP socket.




1)When I speak on Mic that data I am receiving on Call Back function SSM2603Callback in Audio_Loopback.c.I want to write the same data (Mic Input)




a)on UDP socket.


b)If I want to write on message que and I want to receive the data on any other thread for example MulticastSenderThread then how I will do?




2)Also if I am receiving the data on UDP socket then I want to write on DAC .How I will do.




3)How will I remove the Audio Loop Back .




4)Where is setting in driver for echo cancellation.




5)How will I set NoiseGate thresold ,In which file in which function.










Ritesh Singh


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