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BF592 sport0 gated clock mode pin function issues

Question asked by microlab on Apr 19, 2012
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I'm using BF592 sport0 to simulate SPI, so far it works. The issue I met is the configurations of some of the pins related to sport.


What I found are:


1, Although TFS0(PG7) won't be used in my design as CS, I still can't use them as GPIO,  I have to assign it to peripheral and leave it unconnected. If I set PG7 as GPIO, there would be no serial clock generated.


2, The strange thing happened on RSCLK0(PG2), I can use it as GPIO, as output, and drive it high, but when it were driven low as output, the data received through DMA1 would be all 0. Setting PG2 as input also works, but I didn't test how it will be if high or low signal is applied.


In the UG it is said that TFS0 is looped back to RFS0, and that's it. There is no info for TSCLK0 and RSCLK0, searching the internet doesn't provide much info either.


Can someone make it clear for me?