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BF514F Flash Programming

Question asked by nhmood on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by Prashant

Hi everyone,


I am trying to load a program into the internal SPI Flash memory of the BF514F processor. The program simply toggles two LEDs I have on my custom board and I have tested it in debug mode and it works fine. I used the Flash Programmer provided by vinodbableshwar on the Engineer Zone ( - second to last post). The Flash Programmer loads fine on my processor using the USB-ICE JTAG Debugger. I have built my LED test program into an LDR file with the following settings:

Project Type: Loader file

Load -> Options -> Boot Mode: Flash/PROM / SPI (tried both)

                       Boot Format: Intel Hex

                       Output Width: 8-bit / 16-bit (tried both on the Flash/PROM Boot Mode Setting)

                     Use default start address: Checked

No boot kernel

No ROM splitter


After I program the LDR file through the Programming Tab in the Flash Programmer (VisualDSP++ Update 10) I try to compare what is written to the LDR file itself and I receive an error that the value in the flash does not match that of the file selected (starts at offset 0x00000000 and keeps going from that point forth). I was wondering if there is anything that I could potentially be missing that might cause the LDR to not load properly to flash memory. I am using custom hardware so it is very possible that there is a hardware error, however, I want to make sure I don't miss any software errors before I move to debugging hardware.



Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,

Nima Haghighi-Mood