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Question asked by tamirci on Apr 17, 2012
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I m designing a new circuit based on AD9218 ADC and BF537 via PPI interface.


I have some questions about the ADC Vref and input range.


     Firstly, i wonder what is the effect of Vref to the input voltage range. My target is sampling 0V to 2V voltage volue by using 2V p-p configuration. Do i   need to use 2V external Vref to be able to work on this range or is it possible to sample 2V with 1,25V internal voltage reference output?


     Secondly, i did not exactly understand offset binary output. Could you please give me some example voltaj output values?


Third, My real input voltage is changing from 4V to 7V peak. I need to decrease this voltage levels to 2V but without using inverting op-amp. Do you have any suggestion a part from voltage diveder?