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ADV7188/ADAU1761 - HUM noise questions

Question asked by lberitau on Apr 17, 2012
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I will design a board which receives analog audio and video.


For the video, I want to use the ADV7188 chip to decode a PAL CVBS signal.

The chip seems really good but I have some questions about the HUM noise :

  - What is the impact of the HUM noise on the decoded video output ?

  - How to remove the HUM noise ? Is there a special schematic for this (hum filter) ?


For the audio, I want to use the ADAU1761. I have some questions :

- How to remove the HUM noise from analog audio source ?

- The input audio level of the board is -4dBm to +16dBm. What is the recommended circuit to handle this power range without quality loss ?


These points are very important for me,


Thanks in advance for your answers!