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How much should be the current load of BF592 in the deep sleep mode?

Question asked by Hong on Apr 15, 2012

The system works on 320MHz fSCLK and 1.2V VDDINT. In the testing, the current is about 4.5mA in the deep sleep mode and 6mA in the sleep mode. We removed most of other compoents on the board, remained only two 3-Terminal Power Regulator for 1.2V & 3.3V supply, several pull up resistors and an oscillator circuit. 


Another two observations:

1. If we set all the GPIOs to the input mode, the current dropped down to 3.7mA in the deep sleep mode. 

2. In HIBERNATE mode, the current is about 8mA.


In my understanding, the whole current should equals to the sum of I_ddint and I_ddext. However, I cannot test these current seperately. In the datasheet, the I_ddint in the deep sleep mode is 0.98mA, so I think might be the I_ddext takes the most part. My question is, how can I get the lowest power cost in the deep sleep mode? What should I set before it enters into the sleep mode? For those pins who have pull up resistors (i.e. IIC, SPI etc.), is that the input mode best for them?