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SPI FLASH Does not start automatically。

Question asked by qian on Apr 15, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2012 by CraigG


I use the chip is bf609SPI FLASH : AT45DB161D

SPI FLASH read and write is correct.

Hardware schematics :


Ldr configuration


Start mode has been modified SPI MASTER, but after the reset , my program did not perform .


I did some experiments .

In the “session configuration” options,I did programs to load Configured to empty .

So that after mounting the IC , the program will be stopped at the 0XFFA0000.

0XFFA0000 address of the code is indeed the code in the SPI FLASH .,If I press the run it can correctly perform the code in Initcode(It is a simple GPIO LED program) .But it can not Perform the second stage of the program .

p0 register address is L2 rom addressRETS register value is 0xC8000FEE


Attached ldr file :BF609_LED_Core0.ldr


thank you.