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send data continuously to SPORT/I2S driver

Question asked by Luciano on Apr 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by Luciano

Good afternoon, and sorry for my bad english..

I have some questions about SPORT driver under uClinux on blackfin Bf518.

My project target is sending data through Sport (in I2s configuration) continuously.. for example I want read an audio file with my application and use the Sport driver to send data in I2S format.



With standard driver for raw sport access (included in uclinux distribution), this is not possible because when I use "write" function to write data on SPORT interface.

The driver, closes and re-open the SPORT and the hardware manual reference tells me that I lost one frame sync beat (LR-clock). This corresponds to

an "hole" in the digital audio output.


For workaround this problem, I have edited the Driver and I have insert a ring buffer that allows me to mantain open the SPORT.

All seems to works fine but now I have a problem:


After few seconds "IRQ Tx handler" (in PIO mode) stops to work..

In your opinion, it's possible that I have overloaded the SPORT ? I must to disable SPORT after an "x" number of transmitted Bytes?



Thanks in advance



Best regards