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ADV7611 EDID question

Question asked by Morpheus on Apr 15, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by mattp

Our system has both HDMI input and output, and we are using 2 ICs to implement both.

For the HDMI input, we are using the ADV7611.

And we are sharing the same I2C bus for both ICs.

The following is the connection.


[CPU] <---I2C---> [HDMI Tx] <---HDMI/EDID---> [TV]

           ˪-----> [ADV7611] <---HDMI/EDID---> [Tuner]


When CPU request EDID data from TV, the HDMI Tx IC will be in transparent mode, and pass the request to TV via HDMI directly, and return the information back to CPU.


But we are concern about the HDMI IN path, when Tuner request EDID data, will ADV7611 reply the EDID information to Tuner directly?

Or will the ADV7611 using the 0x50 address and request the CPU?

If ADV7611 requests the information via I2C from CPU, then there will be a conflict, because both the TV and CPU will reply the information.


And if CPU request the EDID data from TV using the 0x50 address, will ADV7611 also reply the information on the I2C bus too?


We are not using any external EEPROM for the ADV7611 EDID data.

Is there any internal RAM or register which store the data within the ADV7611?