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How do we externally control DVI pin termination

Question asked by cottrela on Apr 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by joe.triggs

Dear Sirs,


We are using the ADV7604 (Component/Graphics Digitizer with 4:1 Multiplexed HDMI Receiver) to process VGA and DVI video.


In our system, we need to keep the DVI pins terminated at all times, even when the board loses main power. Currently these pins are terminated by the ADV7604, but this termination is lost when the power is removed from the IC.


On our system, we have a low-power backup power supply available to us, which is enough to terminate the DVI pins but very little else.


Is it possible to partially power the ADV7604 (using our external supply) to keep the termination circuitry active?


We note that the the hardware manual (Rev F, August 2010) shows on page 31 a circuit that provides power to the EDID during the mode, but we are unsure if this also applies to the DVI pin termination?


If there is no way to keep the ADV7604 up in a low power mode, can you suggest a method of terminating these pins when the ADV power is lost?


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