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Selection of DDS devices for new designs

Question asked by Pattu on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by DSB

1. There is no indication on the Analog Devices website on which devices are recommended for new designs and which devices are nearing their end of life. It is believed that the 98xx series is outdated and likely to be phased out and that the 99xx series are to be preferred for new designs. Can someone throw light on this ? For example; If one needs to design a HF oscillator operating at 2MHz, he can choose to use any of the 59xx or 98xx or 99xx devices. The 59xx series are very cost effective. But, from the point of view of long term support (5 years or more) for a productionised product, which one is preferable ?


2. The term 'Compliance Range' in the device selection table is not clearly understood. Is this the maximum signal level that the DDS can generate on an external resistor ? Can the current output of the DAC generate a voltage that swings beyond AVDD and GND ?


3. If an application is proven on a more versatile DDS (say the AD9913), would the same performance be attainable in a less powerful DDS as long as the MCLK and Fout are maintained ? In other words, can the Eval board of AD9913 be used to prove applications of lower freq DDS chips ?


Look forward to seeing responses.