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BF-518F,load LwIP application at run time

Question asked by mik22 on Apr 12, 2012
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I've come across the issue, when reloading LwIP application using bfrom_SpiBoot. First time loaded LwIP application goes fine, it displays "link established", "IP Address:  " and ping to that IP goes through. Then I reload the almost the same application (with a difference of bfrom_SpiBoot function) from arbitrary flash sector (in my case it's 55). And it's works well too. Loading is successful, stack initialization is OK, application outputs "link established", but there's no ping, I mean it falls through.

I use KSZ8863MLL as PHY. I compared its registers (Control and Status) in both cases. They're just the same.


Could you give me an idea on what can cause that kind of trouble?