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Flash Prorgammer failed

Question asked by Sunrome on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by Sunrome

Hello EZ,


I create own targer based on bf533 and M29W160EB70N6E (flash chip). I made simple program and flashed it in memory. No problems, it works. I used driver from BF533 EzKit (BF533EzFlashDriver.dxe). I knew that it for onether flash psd4256g, but it work.


Then if I want to program ldr file with size 39,0 Kb or more I have problem (files with less size, burnt properly). Tool Flash Prorgammer stoped program when it reaches 25.3% on Sector 0, and show message: Error: Could not write file, load will not complete.




Can I use this driver or I need to make some changes on it? Or I must make driver special for M29W160EB70N6E like in BF537 EzKIT (There are instructions on how to do it? Just remake the project for the processor bf533 was fail) Please help me what's the problem.